How Long Can Pizza Last In The Fridge?


Leftover pizza is one of the greatest culinary pleasures of young life and a college diet staple. But how long can pizza last in the fridge? Thanks for asking.

How Long Can Pizza Last In The Fridge?

Here is a short table of how many times pizza lasts in the fridge.

Type of Pizza

Room Temperature

In the Fridge
Delivered Pizza

2 hours

 3-4 Days

Frozen Pizza

2 hours

If it is heated and then frizzed, it will last 3-4 days.

Vegan Pizza

2 hours

3-4 Days

Best Process To Preserve Pizza


The atmosphere around the pizza makes it go moldy more quickly. To best protect pizza, use wax or parchment paper.

  1. Position a sheet of wax or parchment paper on the counter.
  2. Position a slice of pizza on the form.
  3. Another piece of wax paper and slices of pizza
  4. position the stack of paper and pizza slices into a freezer bag or airtight box.
  5. Put the box in the fridge if you will eat the pizza within the next few days.
  6. Place the box in the freezer if you want to stocks the pizza for a long time.

The use of wax or parchment paper allows you to transfer a single slice for heating or eating without the pieces getting transpierce together.

Best Process To Reheat Pizza

All know that the microwave is an excellent way to reheat pizza. It makes the crust spongy or dry, heats unevenly, and can make cheese rubbery. There are so many excellent ways, and here are our favorites:



Sometimes we need to keep pizza warm for making it testier. Position cold pizza slices on a baking sheet, cover the sheet tightly with foil, and heat it on the lowest rack of the oven at 275°F for 25-30 minutes.

The oven heats pizza evenly, with a hot and crisp bottom, but the inside of the crust moist and tender. Using the foil allows the crust to re-absorb lost sogginess and prevents drying out.


For many people, heating an oven for a half-hour is more effort than they want to spend on leftover pizza. Instead, place one piece of pizza in a skillet, with the heat set to low and a close-fitting cover on the skillet.

Let the pizza be heat in the skillet for 6-8 mins. This way also traps and retains moisture, heats evenly, crisps the crust, and melts the cheese nicely.

Toaster Oven

How Long Can Pizza


Somebody can quickly reheat leftover pizza in a toaster oven. Only 3-5 minutes at 350°F (or medium-high) gives you melty cheese and crispy crust. 

To reheat cold pizza, let it thaw on the counter for an hour or so, and then heat using the same methods above.


How long can pizza slice last after being frozen and thawed?

  • Leftover pizza that thawed in the fridge can be kept for an additional 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator before cooking pizza that melted in the microwave, or cold water should eat immediately.

How can you tell if a pizza slice has gone rotten?

  • Pizza can get hard and mouldy and still be safe to eat, although tasteless. Check leftover pizza slice for any signs of mould or dark spot, and make sure that the pizza still smells proper. If it doesn’t have a strange smell or discoloured stain, it is safe to eat.

What happens if you eat rotten pizza?

  • If you eat rotten pizza, you may give yourself a case of food poisoning. Food poisoning can cause nausea, diarrhoea, headaches, and other feelings of being sick, and can last for 2-3 days. If symptoms are more severe or last for more than three days, visit a doctor.

When reheating a pizza slice, it kills bacteria?

  • Different bacteria have different heat, but, as a rule of thumb, heating pizza to temperatures over 170°F (inside and out) will kill bacteria. But only killing bacteria does not make the food secure. Some harmful food bacteria produce spores, toxins, and other contaminants that do not kill when the original bacteria kill.

here is a video for you that shows how long can pizza last in the fridge.

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