Can I Cook Pasta In A Rice Cooker ?

Rice cookers are new inventions in the kitchen cooking tool that has experience growing interest across the earth.

The tool is known for cooking rice. So many houses across the earth cook rice and this is the reason that spearheaded the design of the rice cooker to promote the cooking experience.

But the truth of the thing is that the cooking tool can cook other meals apart from rice. The versatility is the reason behind the popularity of this new invention.

Well, can you cook pasta in a rice cooker? Absolutely yes. Noodles tend to need boiling water, and you are ready to go. The rice cooker not only warms water but also boil water.

The cooking device transpires in different sizes, and it is upon you to choose one according to your requirements and choices.

The great news is that even a little size rice cooker can cook enough pasta that can feed a big family. This is one of the things many people are not conscious of it.

The cooking settings of the cooker are pretty simple to operate, and that’s why it doesn’t come within an instructional manual for cooking.

Another great feature of the cooking tool is that it consumes little amount of electrical power, and this helps to save on the cost of service bills.

Besides that, the rice cooker is easy to wash since the inner surface is manufactured from stainless steel which is non-sticky.

The pasta will not attach on the ground surface when cooking. Therefore, you can cook pasta in a rice cooker and if you are a newcomer, then follow the instructions for guidance. This will make the cooking process pretty easy. Let’s start cook pasta in a rice cooker.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pasta In A Rice Cooker?


Rice cooker help to decrease cooking time and cooking pasta tends to take the lowest time possible. Noodles usually take about 10-12 minutes to be ready when you are using a rice cooker.

You only need to spill some water into the cooker and temperature to boil. Boiling water is known for cooking pasta entirely and efficiently.

There are so many ways on how to cook tasty pasta, and this usually depends on the tastes and choices of a person.

You can devise your recipe and get set to apply by the use of a rice cooker. Put the noodles in the cooker and cover it with a cover for about 10-12 minutes.

Pasta is pretty delicate to cook, and overcooking can make them look like mashed potatoes. You need to hold on to the recipe and have a wonderful dinner.

However, I have highlighted ways in the next subtopic on how to cook pasta in a rice cooker.


How to Cook Plain Pasta in a Rice Cooker?

Cooking plain pasta is pretty simple, especially when using a single button rice cooker.

  • You only need to put water about two-thirds to leave space for the foam to form.
  • Add a small amount of salt and cover the cooker with a lid then switch on the button.
  • Allow the water to boil and add some part of uncooked pasta. Remember the pasta will increase so be very careful when adding in the rice cooker.
  • Leave the pasta to cook for about 5-10 minutes, depending on the model.
  • Remove the excess water once the dish is done according to your taste and choices then serve the family members.


How To Cook Pasta Multi-Function Rice Cooker?

Larger, more sophisticated rice cookers usually have several extra functions controlled by some combination of pushbuttons and menus. The method for making traditional pasta is much the same. The regular “rice” function or the “soup/stew” or “saute” functions found on some machines – all bring your pasta water to a boil.

Both larger and smaller tools work well for pasta. Small machines in the 5- to 6-cup size are perfect for making just a piece or two, while large devices with their wider bowl work well for family portions or long pasta. If you’re making spaghetti in a cooker, for example, you won’t have to break up the noodles if you use a larger model.


How To Cook Sauce Pasta In Rice Cooker?

Cooking pasta in the sauce is a little complicated, but it appears in the most delicious noodles ever. The great news is that any model of rice cooker can do this.

The first thing to contemplate is cooking the pasta and draining the excess water. Then put the cooked pasta again in the rice cooker and add water and some sauce.

The liquid addition in the sauce helps to stop the stodgy and non-runny texture of the noodles. I suggest using cookbook methods and more practice to stop making a mistake when cooking sauce pasta.


How To Cook One-Pot meal?

There are a few great ideas that you might want to try when cooking a full meal in a cooker. First of all, add some olive oil into the cooking bowl and let it heat up by covering the bowl with the cover.

After the oil gets heated up, you can go to the next step and add a few cut or sliced vegetables (peppers, onions, garlic, ) and let them sauté in the oil. Of course, feel free to add whatever greens you like, and you think you will work for the meal in question.

If you appreciate eating ground meat, meatballs or any sausage, you can add some of them into the mixing. After the mixture is sautéed, you can take the vegetables and the meat from the cooking bowl and place it to one faction.

You can then add your preferred type of pasta and some water into the cooking bowl. You can also add a little bit more olive oil. If you chose to use spaghetti, you probably want to break the strands in half, because otherwise, they will not fit in. Or, you can boil a saucepan and soak the strands in a bowl until they are soft and pliable. When you want to cook about 4 ounces of pasta, you need to add about 1 cup of water.

After this, add some pasta sauce from a pot. You can use any sauce, depending on your choices. To get closer to the final product, you want to add the mixture from the beginning back to the food bowl, over the pasta sauce.

Feel free to add any flavorings if you want to and cover the bowl and let the appliance do some more cooking on the whole mixture. You will notice that most cookers after they are done with the cooking process, will turn to their warm mode and will keep the food at a pleasant temperature; after all, you do not want to serve a frozen meal.

Here is a video for you how you can cook pasta in a rice cooker.

Now you know how to cook pasta in a rice cooker.

Final Thoughts on Cooking pasta in a rice cooker

Rice cookers can cook pasta, but you need to be productive to make your dish quite good in the long. I prefer sauce pasta over plain pasta though it is quite tricky to make.

You should also note that there are many brands of rice cookers in the market with different features. It is advisable to pick the one that meets the value of your money.

Investigation shows that a rice cooker with several setting options is the best since it cooks not only rice but also other meals like noodles.

Use the comment section below and share your cooking pasta experience, especially the sauce type. You can use the method highlighted above and let us know your opinion.

Cook pasta in a rice cooker is a swift and easy step. If you have any question about how to cook pasta in a rice cooker, you can ask me in the comment section.

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